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Nora Anti-War enamel pin

Nora Anti-War enamel pin - Human Action llc
Nora Anti-War enamel pin - Human Action llc

Nora was a young girl who was killed in an American raid overseas in the name of freedom and justice. One of the ignored parts of war is the innocent people who are killed in the process, this includes the drone strikes that the U.S. conducts on a daily basis, that we have become desensitized to as Americans. We continue to meddle in foreign affairs attempting to govern the world and it is making a lot of people not only resent us and perpetuate chaos, but it is eroding our civil liberties at home and costing us billions of dollars that we cannot afford. We should follow the founder's philosophy in that we promote liberty at home and do not go seek monsters to destroy abroad.




60% of the Profit from all the Nora Products are being donated to DonorSee to help those in need. All donations can be tracked on our website and DonorSee has a great system of tracking the progress of all donations with photos and stories that we update on the website! This way you can actually see the difference we're making together!


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