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Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker - Human Action llc
“Liberty is not about class war, income war, race war, national war, a war between the sexes, or any other conflict apart from the core conflict between individuals and those who would seek power and control over the human spirit. Liberty is the dream that we can all work together, in ways of our choosing and of our own human volition, to realize a better life.”
                                                                                            ― Jeffrey Tucker
We mean this with all sincerity, that Jeffrey Tucker has been a huge influence in the way we think today. He has style, grace and is one of the most original thinkers living today. He was one of the (if not THE) first credible Austrian economists who recognized the value and revolution of Bitcoin, and he stuck with it through it all. We look forward to all things Tucker and hope our stickers help spread his message of liberty to all!
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