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Interview with a Hyena

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Disclaimer: Because some of our readers do not know who Crypto Mocho is, with permission, we did minimal grammar correction for readability. Keep in mind they do not make keyboards compatible with paws so we are just helping a Hyena out!




Mocho, before the interview begins I want to thank you! I always look forward to the crazy things you post and research you do on different projects going on in the space. To start off, could you explain a little bit on what attracted you to cryptocurrency.

I was working on the fish industry and love the cash it gave to me, the simple human transactions in p2p with almost no law on it. Then with time I started to study finance and trading, this begins my steps as a trader, then I start looking for passive income businesses and I found BTC mining, then all come together

I've read that you are attracted to the idea of Anarchy (Orale!) did crypto help shape this or have you held these beliefs for some time?

I never liked the authority, to be honest, I'm also the worst employ in the world. I love to do ma things, don't like politics, cops, teachers and any type of authority whatsoever, crypto just gives me the freedom and the anonymity what I was looking for is just my comfort zone

I notice you shill a lot of POS coins, do you feel they are an improvement on POW or do you see the benefit of both?

I will disclaimer that I'm a speculator and not a big tech guy, but pos coins (and Masternodes ) can give you good passive income with the rewards as a love cash flow it let me pay into different coins, with that I buy stake a coin then sell rewards and buy the other and I keep doing it because it gives you the best compound interest. You can ask also pos/mn coins with a healthy network can be safer and fasters then some pow coins. Now when you find a pure pow coin with great dev then you hit the lottery and is the case with $pk or Pennykoin.

I see you are working on a few projects, tell me about the casino you are working on!

The casino is an online casino, you can only pay in crypto (atm only $btc) but will be integrated with multi crypto options. Is anonymous, the gamer only need an e-mail, a nickname and password. Servers are offshore and the owners are crypto-anarchists

I'm very interested in DMME, a decentralized messenger, can you explain to our readers what this project is about?

is an encrypted chat app and the features that we are working on it are :

● Completely anonymous. You do not need to check with a phone number like WhatsApp. Just an email account and a password.
● Military grade end to end encryption so that it is not interceptable, and messages history (including media) are not saved on servers.
● Snapchat functionality, possibility to destroy messages after some seconds.
● Control over you can chat with, block/unblock function.
● Available for Android and after verification for iOS.
● Possible extensions after basic app.
● Integrations with a custom chain to send token/coin peer to peer. ● Possibility to chat from the PC.

I think there is a great use case for DMME, being that the messengers most popularly used today aren't decentralized, and aren't always secure. Does the DMME team have a timeline for when a working product might come out?

In our roadmap, we are confident that in 4 / 5 months we will deliver our final product (chat app ) and in another 2 months, the p2p payment system integrates into the same app.

I feel like it wouldn't be a proper Mocho interview without asking which low cap coin you feel like has the highest potential for return if Mocho had to pick one low cap coin (not DMME because we already know this is a gem) which would it be!

I will say never only 1 is just not my style I will get 5 coins $acm for the ethics of the dev and the tech that he is developing $pk coin for the big potential in the dev and what we want to accomplish is the real deal #x42 love the coins structure /tech and the team will deliver MN and dapps on top of it $klks this guys are workaholic and are the perfect fit of a gem $bitch great way to have tips on social media also awesome devs that are bringing new stable coin feature to the table

Orale! Again thank you for taking the time do this interview, we always look forward to your tweets and wish you the best of luck on all your endeavors.

thank you bro O.R.A.L.E


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Disclaimer: The Information provided from or through this website is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice, we were barely smart enough to put this website together. 


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