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13 Questions: Interview with DMme’s ($DMME) Bio_Logik

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The Crypto space has completely transformed in the years since Bitcoin got the blockchain revolution started. Different features and competing paradigms, a plethora of methods used for funding projects and strategies for rolling them out, the Cryptospace has radically changed since its inception. Not so long ago cryptocurrency was an exclusive province for die-hard open source puritans, for whom selling stakes and premining were anathema to their cryptocurrency sensibilities. Today, however, in the modern blockchain era, the space has given rise to the ICO, the IEO, entrepreneurs and organizations building out public and private blockchain solutions for a dizzying range of purposesWhatever approach a blockchain project chooses for its development, the one key ingredient required for success, community, always remains the same.

On May 31st I caught up with DMme, one such project in the modern blockchain era doing things a little differently. DMme has recently been reborn and taken a new direction, found new focus, yet retained the same goal. As the name suggests, DMme is about messaging. Quoting the DMme litepaper:

DMme will create a fully decentralized, encrypted messaging application for mobile devices that will return privacy and confidence to the user

While the contents of the litepaper and website are largely deprecated pending updates, the DMme team and its community are actively building their future. Rather then waiting for their official announcements I decided to step in to their discord and find out more.

Mocho17 and CryptoJAV founded the project, and since Mocho is one of the most active and popularly followed accounts on Cryptotwitter, it’s always worth keeping tabs on his activity. Mocho is involved with many projects, but DMme is his baby (or should I say cub?), and the object of his affection and greatest efforts.

In a March Q&A Mocho answers the question of what problems DMme will solve?

We are in the era of big data, where the amount of personal data held by individuals increase exponentially. The price that companies will pay to have access to data is enormous, mainly for marketing purposes, but also for malicious reasons.

To illustrate this, one can go to and download all this data from google servers, that will give an indication of the sheer amount of data associated with individuals (from emojis used to videos watched on youtube and much more). The most used data related applications are messaging and social apps. Those apps collect (sometimes without consent) all messages, images, videos, shopping preferences sent over their network. The question to ask is what happens to this data? 

Again, to illustrate this, let’s look at Facebook, although it doesn't sell your data, it sells access to your news feed to advertising and marketing company (source: )

We aim to answer this by creating an privacy focus messaging app where no data can be harvested for marketing and advertising purposes. Only both parties involved in a chat will have access to the content, no one else. Simple, efficient, protectionist. I would like to emphasize this point: ‘IF IT IS FREE, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT’

When asked how DMme “specs and how this translates to English for non-crypto speakers?” Mocho replied,

DMme app is an encrypted message service 100% anonymous 100% secure.

This are some of our specifications future implementation:

Completely anonymous. You do not need to check with phone number like whatsapp. Just an email account and a password.

Military grade end to end encryption so that it is not interceptable, and messages history (including media) are not saved on servers.

Snapchat functionality, possibility to destroy messages after some seconds seconds.

Control over you can chat with, block/unblock function.

Available for Android and after verification for iOS.

Possible extensions after basic app.

Integrations with a custom chain to send token / coin peer to peer.

Possibility to chat from the PC.

Three months after this Q&A, Core Team member and community leader Bio_Logik, who has written prolifically about DMme on Medium, spoke with me about this curio of crypto, this mysterious microcap of messaging, and the progress it is making. 13 questions were served, and 13 replies received. Here is what Bio_Logik had to say.

The Interview

1. What is DMme?

DMme is a privately funded project which aims to develop a privacy focused messaging app with crypto and blockchain features in the future

2. DMme used to be a fork of PIVX, but has now abandoned that codebase and started afresh. Tell us why.

Many projects used PIVx codebase to create their own token with masternodes infrastructure. This was very hyped last year. While we acknowledge that passive income can provide many benefits for users, we found that it is very restrictive in many aspects. We were focusing on the masternode aspect solely (wallet/mn support, hosting and monitoring listing, etc...) while neglecting our project. Masternodes will only appeal to a certain type of people, restricting opportunities for our project. As we have seen since last year, most masternodes/PIVx based projects either no longer exist or are struggling to stay afloat, despite being genuine. Interested people will only look at the ROI and how to make 'quick bucks' without caring much for the project

3. DMme tokens were swapped to ERC20 tokens. Why was ERC20 chosen as the way forward?

ERC20 and ethereum blockchain is the most well known and established second generation blockchain, so this was an obvious choice for us. Furthermore, it is easier to find developers and work on the Ethereum blockchain than any other blockchain, due mainly to its reputation and recognition within the crypto sphere.

4. Who is developing your app?

We have outsourced the development of the app to a digital agency. Although we won't disclose the name of it, Mocho is in direct contact with them on a regular basis to follow up on the progress of the application. While few may object to it in the name of transparency and accountability, we feel that it is not needed. When was the last time someone asked about the dev name of any app? We have released screenshots of a very raw version of the app, and will continue to do so regularly

5. Please tell about the other members of the team, and tell us something about yourself

Mocho and Cryptojav are the founders, they are both funding the project, which allow us to not be stressed and focus on the project. Unlike many projects, we don’t rely on the pre-mine or on the price to continue the project. Gremlins has been doing marketing in crypto for a few years now, and has a very good expertise and knowledge and what works and what doesn’t. His videos gather 10's of thousand of views on twitter. Daywalker is our web dev and a brilliant guy. A real pleasure to work with him, he is highly motivated and always working on making things better. he is currently working on our new website Lars is in charge of communication, especially on btt [bitcointalk]. Thanks to him and his daily posts, we see a constant influx of members in our Discord. Virtugrana and Donia48 are helping us with Discord moderation As for myself, I have an IT background, been in crypto for few years now, and started to get involved with projects over a year ago. I act as an advisor for a couple of ICOs. I am passionate about anything blockchain related and I attach great importance to privacy, so DMme was a good fit

6. When can we expect to see the new app, and how will it protect the user’s privacy?

We won't release an official release date as yet, we will release another preview next week.

      We would love to have the app out for July,

but I cant confirm anything. First, the app will be linked to an email, not a phone number. This is a great step as unlike most apps which requires a phone number, hence tidying the user to a telecom provider, DMme will be a 'no strings attached' app.

Then, as expected, we have military grade end to end encryption as well as privacy features like block, delete or secret chat.

What we want to encourage is education. Education on what privacy means and how to achieve it.

7. What projects compete with DMme, and how will DMme distinguish itself?

The crypto world has seen many messaging apps emerging, but only a few remain to this day. Outside the crypto world, you have of course Telegram, the best messaging app imho with Durov, its founder, being an advocate for privacy. We would love to see Telegram as a competitor, that would be a huge compliment

There are also Signal, Viber, and many others (no need to name them all). However, and to clarify, we do not see Whatsapp as a competitor. Why? Because it is owned by Facebook. I wont go into details on why Facebook stands against privacy, I hope readers will know it already.

As messaging apps are more widely used than any other apps, it makes sense that we try to integrate as much as possible into it, very similar to Line, where you can run your life (social and professional) within the app. DMme will have all the features one can expect from a privacy focused messaging app.

On top of which, we want to have an integrated crypto wallet where users can send crypto to each other via the app and messages. Sending crypto to friends or family is cumbersome, copying the address (and checking it 36 times to make sure it is the right one). There are some great multi currency wallets for mobile (Ethos is a great one). Integrating a wallet within a messaging app will open the doors to many great opportunities for the future of other integrations. We are looking at other features, crypto and non crypto related, but we need to assess the technical challenges linked to it before disclosing them.

8. How will the ERC20 token work with the app? Where will data be stored? Will it be fully or partially decentralized?

As with many other projects, our DMme token will be integrated as the currency for the DMme ecosystem. It will be used to pay for subscription as well as add-ons and future features.

Data will be decentralised as it wont be stored anywhere except on the device.

I can't say more for now.

9. Will DMme always be an ERC20 token?

We are always open to opportunities. Blockchain is ever changing and evolving. Adaptability is the key to success, so today we are ERC20, no one can say what the future holds. We are constantly seeing new blockchains or new protocols being created, new generation of blockchain, so no one can tell what technological advancement will unravel next.

10. What are the benefits of holding the DMme token? Will you need DMme tokens to pay for the use of the messaging app, or other future services?

Holding DMme earn rewards for the holder. Currently set at a 5% monthly reward,

we will evaluate if this will be adjusted in the future. Also, DMme messaging app will be a paid app, with a yearly subscription. We aim to allocate a % of subscription as dividend to distribute amongst DMme holders.

Despite being privately funded, we want to have a community around DMme. By rewarding holders who believe and support the project, we will have 'a big family' being part of the project.

From a business perspective, this will incentivise all holders to invite people to the app as more subscribers mean more dividends. Simple.


11. Could you discuss bounties, airdrops, and the DMme community?

Everyone loves a bit of bounty and airdrop. We have done an airdrop for all holders showing over 10K DMme in their wallet  (equivalent of one masternode collateral in the old DMme) 

and we are giving 5% monthly rewards, regardless of the amount of DMme held. Once we have a product to showcase, we will start bounties and possibly more airdrops. Although, I am personally not a fan of those, it is sometimes a necessary step in bringing more awareness to the project. We have a great community, with some members being present since day 1 of DMme and always showing us support. This is a good motivation to know that members have given their unconditional backup.

12. What events are coming up for DMme, what is some of the recent news, and how can people get involved and learn more?

The main event for us is the app. Beside that, our token is listed on CryptoBridge and Crex24. We are applying for Idex exchange as well, to bring even a better exposure to our project. With the swap to ERC20, we have rebranded and now that we have our new logo, we are working on our website which will have 2 parts, will be focused on the app and its features, while will have all the details and specifications of DMme token, alongside an explorer and possibly more.  People can get involved by joining our Discord and conversation and following us on Twitter.  We welcome all content writers and interviewers,

like yourself, to approach us to know more about DMme. We have a weekly Medium article to keep up to date with what is happening. And of course, word of mouth is the most efficient and cost effective type of marketing.

13. Thanks for your time and best of luck with the project. Finally, I usually leave the last question as a blank canvas for the interviewee. Please share with our readers a final thought.

Privacy is a right, Privacy matters. Educating yourself about privacy is a duty and always remember (99% of cases)

If it is free, you are the product


DMme is a crypto caterpillar ready to metamorphose into a blockchain butterfly. Bio_Logik was engaging and delivered some great answers to some tricky questions. There is a focus and energy geared into delivering a quality finished product as soon as July. There is currently no blockchain messaging app which has gathered anything even close to mass adoption. With Mocho, Bio_Logik and many others shoveling coal into the DMme engine, the locomotive gathers momentum.

DMme market capitalization at the time of writing is exceptionally low (less than $100K USD). Delivering a product in July, or soon thereafter, will surely lift DMme out of obscurity and screaming on to a home screen near you. Bounties and airdrops galore are waiting in their discord and twitter, so does a a 5% monthly reward, as DMme knows its success will rely on community, engagement and ultimately the adoption of their soon to be released product.

As CZ of Binance put it:

I look forward to following the progress of DMme and downloading their app. They know their place in the unfolding history of internet messaging, and are set to turn the incumbent privacy-violating user-as-commodity economic model on its head. Goodbye surveillance capitalism, hello private messaging.

Thanks and Donations

Thanks to Bio_Logik for his time, and good grace in preparing such fine answers.

Special thanks to the great team at Human Action for their continued support of the 13 Questions series. Show them some love by visiting their shop and scoring some cool crypto swag.

Tips are truly appreciated, and if you enjoyed reading this please donate at this ethereum address, or even better at the $DMME address posted below, thank you.




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