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13 Questions: An interview with FuryCoinDev

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13 Questions: An interview with FuryCoinDev


FuryCoin is a new cryptonote coin which launched at the end of 2018. Looking at its website, reading the whitepaper and browsing through discord sit is clear from the get-go that FURY aims to garner community and widespread adoption with regular airdrops, bounties, and a friendly mining algo. FuryCoin has several mining pools, has opted for mining algo cn-superfast, or Cryptonight SuperFast (which it successfully forked to in January), and is listed on Graviex.

But FuryCoin offers much more than a cool mining algo, airdrops and bounties. Plans to keep the community rewarded and the tech cutting-edge include:

(1) Service nodes, or staking wallets similar to masternodes, will create a PoW/PoS hybrid (ready for release in 1–2 weeks)

(2) Offshore storage (planned Q3). See interview question 9.

FuryCoinDev laid out these goals, and the team’s plans, in a discord post titled Fury New Directiondated 02/22/2019. It begins:

"When we launched Fury we were looking to create a well run privacy coin following in Monero’s footsteps. We never really had a direction we wanted to take the coin in other than trying to build a community around it and go from there. Now that we have done a few changes to the coin such as adding bulletproofs and changing the algorithm I feel it is time for the coin to have a real direction and purpose. After seeing what has happened with Haven recently, I want to fill a void that they have failed over and over again to fill."

The Fury New Direction manifesto even goes beyond the milestones already mentioned, and peers deeper into the future:

"A second long term goal I am interested in is an attempt to make Fury into a stable(ish) coin. This is something I want input on and is not set in stone like offshore storage is. The idea is to eventually stop airdrops and put the rest of the premine towards the goal."

While FURY has so far been successful in its mission to take the “best parts from Monero” (for example, it implemented bulletproofs), it has by its own admission “struggled with community engagement”. Given the coins launch during a horrible bear market this is hardly surprising, but the FuryCoin team are committed to improving on this record, and are keenly aware of the importance of community in building a successful cryptocurrency. This interview falls in line with this commitment.

FuryCoinDev is responsive and affable in discord, and was very forthcoming and direct in interview. He strikes me as having a no-nonsense, matter-of-fact and to-the-point character. 13 questions were offered, and 13 answers given. This is what he had to say:

The Interview

1.What is FuryCoin, and how did it begin?

FuryCoin is an anonymous cryptocurrency that was forked off of the Monero codebase. My partner and I started Fury because we saw how many crappy coins and developers were out there and we thought we could do better. 

2. Why did you choose cryptonote over forking another anon tech, like Zcash? 

We chose cryptonote as we had been doing some work together in the cryptonote space and were already familiar with the code. We had no interest in using Bitcoin as it is not private. Zcash was definitely interesting and we explored using it however at the time the discussion of a secret backdoor in it made it not worth the risk of digging deeper into their code and using that as a starting place for our coin.

3. Can you tell us a little about your background, and whether this the first crypto project you’ve been involved with?

For the last two years I have been working full time from home working with JavaScript. Around the same time I started working from home I got into mining cryptocurrency. As soon as I got into mining I started to build my own node.js applications to monitor my mining profit and switch between coins. This led me to investigate the codebase of Monero and from there I forked Monero and ran my own coin for fun for almost a year before I started working on Fury. While it is my first crypto project I had experience fooling around with the private Monero fork for almost a year.

4. Could you speak about the FuryCoin airdrops? This is a great way to encourage adoption and build community. 

From the beginning we knew that getting more miners and more users was the only way to create a coin that can not just survive but thrive. One of my favorite ways to do this is with an airdrop as it gets users to try out your coin without having to invest much time or energy. We have been giving out 5000 FURY a month per person via our airdrop since we launched and will continue to do so until the airdrop wallet is empty.

5. How do you see the future of anon coins in mainstream adoption?

I see a very bright future for anon coins. People who say anonymous coins are just for illegal activities are usually people who just want to spread FUD. Some people do truly believe that though which is a little sad. We live in an age where everyone is tracked digitally everywhere. Almost all websites are constantly tracking you, your browser tracks you, your bank and credit card companies track you. All these companies are tracking you because you are a commodity to them and it is disgusting. They gather as much information about you as they can then use it to sell you things or even worse sell that information about you to other companies. If you don’t use anon crypto coins then the only way to make your spending private is to use cash. Cash is great but can’t be used online. I feel like over the next 5–10 years people will finally wake up and realize how disgusting their banks and credit card companies are and how irresponsible they are with their data and they will move over to anon coins. 

6. What’s on the roadmap for Fury?

Our roadmap is constantly changing as we are always looking to the future and what role our coin should fill. At the end of April we will be having a hardfork to introduce Service/Master Nodes. After that the next big thing on our roadmap is to tackle offshore storage.

7. You use a mining algo called cn-superfast. Where did the algo originate and why use that one?

I was working with the Swap developers when they were first starting up. At the time I was looking for a new algorithm for Fury as ASIC’s were being deployed and I despise Bitmain and their practices so we needed to fork soon to avoid them. They decided on making some changes to the Haven algorithm to make their own unique one. It was interesting working with the algorithm and the mining software. We decided to go with that algorithm as I knew it well from working with them while they created it. Also it not being available on Nicehash is a big deal as unless you are the number one coin on an algorithm you never want your algorithm to be on Nicehash.

8. 51% attacking PoW coins happens regularly in the cryptoverse. Do you have any plans for mitigating this threat.?

Our algorithm is the biggest way for us to mitigate the threat. By staying away from an algorithm that has ASIC’s we can keep away corporations that have huge amounts of hashrate available to them. By staying on an algorithm that is not on Nicehash we can make it harder for attackers to accumulate enough hashrate to attack us. Nicehash is convenient for miners but is the biggest threat to any coin that isn’t a top 10 coin. If you have the knowhow and a few BTC to spend and the coin you want to attack has an Algorithm that is available on nicehash it is not hard to 51% that coin. So to mitigate the threat we will do everything we can to grow our hashrate and our coin as well as stay far far away from Nicehash and ASIC’s

9. I read in discord you’re thinking about making FuryCoin a bit like Haven, which has an interesting feature. Can you describe that feature and what you envisage?

Offshore storage is a pretty cool concept in cryptocurrency. It is something Haven has been working on for a long time. During their recent fiasco we realized that it was something we could implement in our coin to separate us from the large number of other coins. We saw how poorly Haven went about it and how they planned on using a centralized “oracle” to calculate the coins value. We feel like we can implement offshore storage completely within the cryptonote code to keep it decentralized. We also plan on putting some features in place to deal with hyperinflation as well as to stop people from trying to game the value of Fury while using the offshore storage.

 When it is up and running you will be able to take your Fury and turn it into $Fury which will be based on the USD value of Fury when you want to move it offshore. When you want to turn it back into Fury to either use it or cash it out you can then turn that $Fury back into Fury based on the current USD value of Fury. 

10. @FuryCoin on twitter follows only two accounts: @cz_binace and @crytpomocho. Can you tell us why these two?

FuryCoinMod is in charge of our twitter account and obviously he has been slacking. Marketing is not our strong suit however it is something we have been working on recently and we hope to continually improve on.

11. What’s the plan for getting people to notice FuryCoin, with all the thousands of competing coins? 

Our plan is to continue to grow our community while at the same time continue to work on our code to separate our coin from those other coins that just fork Monero then do nothing. By implementing new features and keeping our code up to date with Monero’s we should be able to get people to see the value in the coin.

12. In a CCN article published today entitled ‘Antonopoulos claims fungibility issues threaten Bicoin’s domination’, Andreas is quoted saying: “Tainted coins are very destructive. If you break fungibility and privacy, you break the currency. It is possible to attack Bitcoin in the ways we haven’t seen yet.” 

What is your response to these remarks?

I completely agree with those remarks. The way companies track bitcoin transactions is crazy and reminds me of how banks currently track people. Labelling coins as tainted is insane and will be very bad for bitcoin in the long run. Imagine if you received a $20 bill then went to use it and the store you went to use it at said nope we won’t accept that as 30 transactions ago it was used for fraud. Tainted coins should be treated as any other coins and should be accepted as payment no matter what their history is. Since companies can’t be trusted we need to use anon coins so they don’t have a choice but to treat all coins as equal.

13. To close out, perhaps you could tell readers how they can get involved with FuryCoin, and share with them some personal thoughts, about the past, about the future?

You can get involved with Fury by joining our discord, participating in our airdrops and mining. We are looking for more help with our social media presence and are seeking out some devs to help us implement our offshore storage. I am really excited about the future of all cryptocurrencies and especially about the future of Fury. Hopefully after reading this interview you are just as excited about Fury and privacy coins as I am.


FuryCoin currently enjoys relative obscurity, ranking #3758 by market cap on Coingecko. This looks set to change with Fury’s New Direction, freshly invigorated dev team, airdrops, bounties, friendly mining algorithm, rich roadmap and growing support. 

There is much work on the road ahead for FuryCoinDev and the Fury Team. They have set these ambitious milestones for themselves, and believe they can meet the challenge. If they do so (and I am both impressed and excited by their conviction that they will) Fury will be lifted screaming out of obscurity in a manner befitting its name. 

I look forward to tracking the progress of this fledgling cryptocurrency. FuryCoinDev’s disgust at the commodification of personal data is a powerful motivator, and so too his passionate feelings about centralized powers in mining. Now this energy has been re-focused in a series of compelling milestones and roadmap, dubbed simply Fury New Direction.

Thanks to FuryCoinDev for taking the time to answer these questions. I hope this interview helps raise awareness and brings in new supporters. Best of luck to him and his team, it will definitely be interesting to check up on Fury’s progress in a future interview.

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